Idex: energy recovery from waste and SRFs

For over 40 years now, Idex has been honing its expertise and rolling it out at its clients’ sites. Idex runs and maintains waste recovery installations. The work we do spans all aspects of waste recovery and biomass (composting, methanization, incineration and cogeneration), as well as producing Solid Recovered Fuels (SRFs).

What is waste recovery?

Waste recovery refers to all processes by which waste matter is converted into another material product or energy. These processes include composting and methanation, used to recycle green and organic waste, as well as incineration and cogeneration, used to recover the energy generated by processing the aforementioned waste.

Solid Recovered Fuels

In France, waste is sorted to recycle raw materials, notably paper, cardboard, glass and some plastics. The remaining unrecyclable waste is then transported to incineration or landfill sites. To avoid the latter, which results in more pollution, some of the unrecyclable combustible waste is shredded and turned into pellets or briquettes: Solid Recovered Fuels, otherwise knows as SRFs.

These SRFs are then used in incineration plants, particularly cogeneration plants, as well as urban or industrial combustion plants. This technique means waste that would previously have been left unrecycled can now be reused.

Waste recovery by Idex

Local authorities and manufacturers can delegate their biomass production to Idex in order to meet their targets in terms of caring for the planet, achieving energy efficiency, cutting costs, boosting productivity, improving safety and security, and reducing disturbance.

Idex benefits its clients and offers a turnkey service by drawing on its close ties with the group’s other areas of expertise, such as heating network management and energy efficiency services.

Idex invests in partnerships with its clients and commits to achieving tangible results.

Idex has developed in-depth expertise in running and overseeing waste-recovered energy centers in line with developing urban heating networks since the 1980s with its Energy Recovery Plant in Sarcelles. 

Idex’s technical expertise

Drawing on 40 years of experience in energy recovery from waste, Idex puts its comprehensive, reliable and lasting expertise to work in offering clients:

  • Expertise in the various technologies available for ovens, boilers, smoke treatment, effluent treatment, plant revamping and process optimization
  • Expertise in producing SRFs by recovering waste not recycled in traditional recycling centers
  • Energy efficiency: optimizing oven and boiler performance, renovating and developing heating networks, setting up ORCs, and improving air-cooled condenser and turbine performance are all services that Idex offers.

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Guaranteed results

Idex’s expertise in waste recovery ensures solid, ultra-fast results for industrial and local authority clients:

  • Installation availability and capacity
  • Converting and selling the energy produced,
  • Consumable management and re-use of by-products
  • Emission monitoring
  • Certification.

Idex is an excellent partner for processing waste generated by users in your region or industry.