Our commitment

idex’s commitment to the environment, its employees and society is central to its corporate strategy and drives its all-round performance.

Through its business activities, idex intends to make a positive difference for all of its stakeholders and contribute to the transformation unfolding in society—starting with energy transition with a view to achieving the objectives in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Our commitment to energy transition provides direction for our employees and guides their work day after day. It is a long-term vision and the core of our purpose.

Our 6 pledges

six pledges idex


Health and safety at work are our top priorities

We expend all the energy we need to in order to achieve zero accidents. Occupational safety is—and will remain—idex’s number-one concern.

We are taking action on several fronts:

  • The 6 safety golden rules aim to prevent the main risks; they are non-negotiable in all circumstances and aimed at avoiding serious accidents.
  • The 11 managerial best practices help all managers carry out a self-assessment and map out their plan to more effectively factor safety into their everyday work. Preventing risks and reducing accident statistics are both essential aspects of a manager’s role.
  • All idex group employees starting a new job have safety briefings.
  • Local correspondents hold 15 to 30-minute safety talks every month.
  • Safety inspections involve a period of observation followed by a conversation with the person observed about their practices, to heighten their awareness of risks and find ways of avoiding them.
  • An in-house app, Ma Sécurité, monitors safety in real time.

We conduct regular surveys to gauge employee satisfaction levels and expectations regarding their quality of life at work. These surveys include risk factors related to mental as well as physical health.

Our full policy on health and safety

Lost-time accident frequency rates halved from 2018 to 2022

We are uncompromising on ethics

The Group does business in strict compliance with all applicable legislation and regulation, and in accordance with the principles of integrity, transparency and respect for human rights. This commitment and the associated principles are enshrined in our code of conduct.

idex has mapped out its risks relating to corruption, produced an anti-corruption code of conduct and trains its employees in the jobs that are most exposed to this risk.

A mechanism to report ethical concerns is available for the Group’s employees and other stakeholders if they endure and/or witness behavior that infringes applicable legislation and regulation and/or the principles of integrity and respect for human rights (including unethical business practices, discrimination, harassment and harm to the environment).

How to report a concern

We fast-track energy transition by harnessing local, low-carbon solutions

idex offers competitive alternatives based on stewardship, energy efficiency and increasing the proportion of renewable and recovered energy in the mix, which include:

  • Converting household, farming and forestry waste into energy
  • Developing heating networks
  • Decarbonizing industry (biomass, biogas, harnessing unavoidable energy and using by-products)
  • Developing decentralized low-carbon infrastructure (photovoltaic, charging stations for electric vehicles, etc.)
  • Supplying energy consumption management solutions (e.g. individualizing heating costs)

Coal will be gone from France’s energy mix by the end of 2023, and idex has stopped bidding to operate heating and cooling networks that are exclusively fueled by gas.

Instead, it is focused on developing or converting networks to run them on renewable or recovered energy.

By working side by side with clients to reduce their energy consumption and ease their reliance on fossil fuels, and by looking for solutions to tap into unavoidable energy and by-products locally with a circular economy approach, idex is contributing to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the energy system’s resilience.

idex has also pledged to lead by example, especially as regards mobility (its fleet will be green by 2030 and it encourages employees to use active travel options) and responsible use of electronic devices.

We provide an inclusive and stimulating work environment

To attract and retain top talents, idex:

  • Uses innovative recruitment processes: building its employer brand around the Faites le Bond Choix (“choose right, choose up”) campaign, promoting technical professions in schools, reaching out to students in technical schools during the idex School Tour, etc.
  • Invests in work-study programs: it was aiming to have 5% of the workforce on these programs in 2023 and reached that target in 2022; it is now moving forward, stepping up tutoring and aiming to keep 50% of its people on work-study programs by offering them permanent contracts.
  • Builds employees skills starting at onboarding and throughout their careers with high-quality training (including idex School Digital) and encourages management methods inspired by its four key values, namely daring, agility, entrepreneurial passion and team spirit.

The group signed the Charte de la Diversité in 2021 and a company agreement on workers with disabilities in 2022. It pushes back against all forms of discrimination, and promotes diversity and inclusion in its teams at all levels and equal opportunities throughout careers.


5% of employees on work-study programs in 2022

87/100 score on the gender equality index (Idex Energies)

We play and active part in sustainable development in communities

idex reaches out to its communities and makes sure its projects—especially its industrial ones—preserve natural resources and biodiversity while spurring local economies and jobs. It does this principally by building relationships based on trust and cooperation with customers, suppliers, local authorities, public agencies, non-profits and other stakeholders.

idex also applies a responsible procurement policy. It opted into France’s charter on responsible supplier relations and purchasingin 2013, and has its own charter on responsible procurement. It includes quality and CSR criteria in its calls for tenders and supplier selection processes. It also assesses its suppliers on a yearly basis.


More about our responsible procurement policy

€110 million invested in 2022

We foster individual and collective commitment among idex employees

idex encourages all its willing employees to take positive action for a more sustainable and inclusive society—in a variety of ways: curbing climate change, facilitating professional integration among the long-term unemployed, coaching young people into their working life, and fostering diversity.


Climate fresco du climat 

350 participants in 2022 

Target: 100% of employees who wish to take part in 2023

Took part in the past three Duoday events

medaille gold Ecovadis

Ecovadis score: 72/100 (Gold) 

Idex membre de la communauté les entreprises s'engagent

idex is a member of the community Les entreprises s'engagent since October 2022.