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Comprehensive know-how, integrated across the energy value chain

idex is an expert in local, low-carbon energies and active throughout the value chain. The Group delivers made-to-measure solutions, from concept to completion, covering heat and electrical energy production, distribution and optimization. This approach guarantees high-performing, high-efficiency and competitive systems, stable prices and lower carbon emissions for its customers. Its know-how ranges from industrial power production units to waste-to-energy plants, and on to heating and cooling networks and in-building energy infrastructure.

Producing local, low-carbon energy

idex is active throughout the energy value chain and has the full skill set to produce thermal or electric energy from local, low-carbon resources (geothermal, biomass, waste, solar).

Through our 18 industrial or proprietary energy production units (EPUs), we work side by side with our customers designing, operating and maintaining their facilities, thereby building electricity supplies scaled to their requirements.

At idex, we encourage use of renewable and recovered energy (steam from biomass, cogeneration) at all our electricity production plants. We are currently operating and maintaining 15 waste-to-energy plants, which produce renewable electricity and heat for local authorities and boards in metropolitan and overseas France.

Lastly, idex has long-standing expertise in designing, operating and maintaining heating and cooling networks: we currently operate 60 of these networks, which are optimizing energy consumption in districts or cities and reaching all types of buildings (homes, healthcare facilities, offices, industrial plants, etc.) and efficiently tapping into renewable and recovered energy. 

Optimizing energy consumption

Besides knowing how to produce and distribute thermal and electric energy from local, low-carbon resources, we are fully familiar with the techniques to optimize that energy’s use at its destination, i.e. industrial plants, business premises and homes.

idex is operating 18,000 in-building energy infrastructure assets and supporting energy consumption management in 5,000 private housing and 2,600 public housing buildings in France. 

We offer private owners, public landlords and property managers tailored deals to step up energy stewardship, improve energy performance and harness their property’s potential to produce low-carbon energy.

idex fine-tunes its operational, technical and financial solutions to its customers’ constant need for adaptation and flexibility.