Building a new model for energy

Climate change is the single most important challenge this century. We are banking on local, low-carbon energy because we have no doubt that it is the only way to rise to that challenge.

Because the only way to achieve carbon neutrality in the near future then keep the system carbon-neutral in the distant future, while building the foundation for sustainable, inclusive development, is to reinvent our entire energy system. The goal is to speed up the transition to a new system based on renewable and recovered energy, available in all areas and managed on a local scale, to maximize self-reliance.

What we are helping to build is a new, decentralized and collaborative business model, that is more resilient and at the same time more virtuous.

Designing, financing, building and operating infrastructure for transition

Building this new model is a challenge in itself, because it entails deploying new infrastructure on a massive scale, and fast.

France, for instance, will need to invest an estimated €60 billion, each year, in energy retrofits and low-carbon infrastructure to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Designing, financing, building and operating this infrastructure is precisely what we do day after day at idex, and we cover the entire local energy chain. We operate four types of energy infrastructure assets for communities:

  • Industrial or proprietary energy production units using local, low-carbon resources;
  • Waste-to-energy units; 
  • Heating and cooling networks; 
  • In-building energy infrastructure to optimize consumption in industrial and business premises, and homes.

We are faster, stronger and go farther because we have one-of-a-kind strengths to support communities on their energy transition, in France and the rest of Europe:

  • Substantial investment capacity to finance all or part of infrastructure assets that drive energy transition.
  • Integration across local energy value chains to support the transition among public-sector and private-sector players in an area and to foster synergy.
  • Extensive geographic reach and deep local roots, so we are close to our customers, familiar with their culture and attuned to their vision.
  • We are a human-sized company with a decentralized organization, so we can respond fast and adapt flexibly to your specific needs.
  • We can count on the unflagging commitment of our 5,900 employees, who are an endless source of creative, effective and efficient answers to tackle the challenges in energy transition.