1963 Georges Planchot sets up Idex, known at the time as “L’Industrielle de Chauffage”

1970 The company’s name is changed

L’Industrielle de Chauffage is rechristened Idex

1980 Geothermal energy

The first deep geothermal energy plant is set up to power the heating network for the town of Mée-sur-Seine

1990 Renewable energy

First household waste anaerobic digestion plant in Amiens

2000 Biomass

The first biomass boilers are developed.

2006 The Seguin Rives de Seine eco-district

The town of Boulogne-Billancourt selects Idex to run and maintain the heating and cooling network for France’s largest certified eco-district, Seguin Rives de Seine.

2012 La Défense

Idex La Défense, an Idex group subsidiary, becomes the concession holder for the heating and chilled water network in Paris-La Défense, Europe’s largest business district.

2018 The Antin Infrastructure group

Antin Infrastructure acquires Idex.

2019 Idex around the world

Idex begins making its first forays into the world beyond France’s borders with the acquisition of Go4Green (Belgium) and DanPower Baltic, which became Idex Baltic (Lithuania). 

2020 Sylviana is acquired

Idex acquires Sylviana, the electricity production biomass plant in Brignoles in the Var region.

2022 Even further in energy recovery from waste

Winning of the contract to build a third line for the Villers-Saint-Paul waste-to-energy unit.