Lowering carbon emissions and boosting office building appeal

Reducing energy bills

Energy bill account for a significant portion of business premises’ costs, and growing awareness of this is speeding up the energy transition in the construction sector. Flexibility, smart stewardship, the right upgrades to unlatch your operating costs from price fluctuations, and predictable costs moving forward have all become essential.

Greening buildings

Residential and business property accounts for 45% of energy consumption and 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in France. And businesses are playing a vital role in energy transition by massively switching to renewables in order to reduce their buildings’ emissions.

Rebuilding your assets’ appeal

To slow down property ageing, avoid 800 French business districts lapsing into obsolescence before their time and make these assets attractive again, the sector needs to speed up its digital transition and go green in order to provide added comfort while stepping up energy sufficiency and accommodating new habits.

Key figures

25% reduction in energy consumption with automated management

60% energy savings using renewable and recovered energy

80% reduction in energy purchases and carbon emissions

10 million sqm of business premises use multi-technical management services from idex

Our references

logo Prologis

This worldwide leader in logistics facilities has a low-carbon boiler room that covers requirements in 42,000 sqm of logistics warehouses.

logo Aéroport de Paris

idex keeps technical installations working flawlessly in 155 buildings.

Centre international de recherche sur le cancer

Through a facility management contract, idex has committed to providing the IARC with high-level services covering safety, reliability, indoor climate, energy sufficiency, hygiene and equipment cleanliness.

Aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse

This airport relies on idex’s expertise to keep the temperature right for its staff and passengers; our experienced team members, tried-and-true methods and dedicated equipment ensure service continuity.

Centre d’affaires de la Boursidière

Through an energy performance contract, idex is optimizing operating costs at the Boursidière business center by adjusting the main consumption variables in real time via a smart building management system.


idex is tasked with keeping 5,000 of the Group’s employee’s comfortable, notably by keeping the multi-technical systems running smoothly at Tour Coupole, a 273,000 sqm skyscraper.

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