Your sectors


As a partner to both social and private landlords for 50 years now, Idex offers a solution to real estate stakeholders’ current economic challenges and expectations, supporting them in their efforts to cut costs by upgrading their housing. Idex offers solutions for controlling and optimizing energy management by renovating building, distribution, and production facilities, by replacing traditional energy sources with renewable energy, and by assisting in changing users’ behaviors.

Local authorities

Idex boasts in-depth know-how when it comes to managing municipal buildings. We can also be mandated by public authorities to design, develop, and run urban heating and cooling networks, as well as waste recovery. Idex aims to bolster energy and environmental efficiency in the buildings it is entrusted with, all while prioritizing the greenest renewable energy solutions.

Tertiary sector

Effective resource management is crucial for tertiary sector professionals like you. We support you in your continuous efforts to optimize your buildings’ energy performance with a view to protecting the environment and making financial savings.


French industry has a key role to play in energy transition, and Idex’s teams are on hand to support you in yours. Whatever your industrial sector, industrial utilities such as steam, cooling systems, chilled water, compressed air, vacuum, superheated water, and gas are all crucial to your everyday business activities. These energies are a significant expense. This means your industrial utilities should be optimized with a view to reducing your energy consumption levels and generating savings.


Thanks to its experience and recognized expertise, Idex supports the health sector’s various stakeholders in tackling current economic challenges and fulfilling their expectations in terms of sustainable social and environmental issues. Idex offers tailored, high-performing contractual services incorporated into an overarching, optimized management policy, by recommending setting up energy performance contracts (EPC) and including a proportion of renewable energy, as well as turnkey Facilities Management multi-technical project management.