Energy performance in healthcare facilities

France’s healthcare system is being required to tackle the issue of increasing chronic illness, growing social and regional inequalities, and an aging population. Quality and safety in care and the workplace, cost-cutting, optimizing how technical installations operate... 

 Striking a balance between safety, financial stability, patients’ interests, and environmental issues is a real challenge for the healthcare system. 

Our approach to your priorities

Idex works alongside public- and private-sector healthcare facilities on a day-to-day basis, including clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Idex plans ahead and updates you with real-time information to ensure you aren’t affected by technical shutdowns. 

Our experience and expertise in running air-conditioning, airflow, hydraulic, and sanitary installations allow us to respond to the priorities that feature in managing your healthcare facilities:


Service and safety

Ensuring a high level of service and protecting staff and user safety

Our role is to ensure your infrastructures comply with regulations, and to improve the quality of care that you offer through a quality policy combined with traceability tools. We develop risk prevention plans to ensure staff, patients, and residents remain safe, and to guarantee reliability and continuous service in heating, air quality, and aeraulics.

Air quality

Managing air quality in buildings

Idex helps you control air management-related risks by developing a quality policy. We pick up on any existing deficiencies in the air circulation and conditioning systems in place in your spaces and high-risk areas such as cleanrooms. We draw on all analyses linked to high-vigilance zones (condensate recovery, stagnation, sealing) to identify the risks of disease emerging in the airflow circuits, and offer reliable, energy-saving technical solutions you can trust.

Energy footprint

Reducing buildings’ energy impact and carbon footprint

Saving energy and protecting and maintaining your buildings and the environment lies at the heart of Idex technicians’ unwavering values.

Idex’s Energy Performance Improvement Action Points stem from our vast experience in energy management, and guarantee you hit your performance-related targets.


Streamlining service on a national scale

Idex achieves results thanks to performance contracts and technical guarantees with respect to preventing health hazards. We analyze each of your sites’ performance to reach the desired service level at lesser cost, by implementing operational optimization solutions for your technical installations.

Adjusted service packages

Adapting the services provided to the on-the-ground realities of visitor numbers:

We offer service packages that can be adjusted to align with your capacity, number of occupied beds, and whether or not your establishment includes care rooms, operating theatres, and specialist equipment. The goal here is to reduce costs in off-peak periods, and to intensify our teams’ efforts during pandemics.

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Our solution

We’ve been providing public- and private-sector healthcare facilities with our expertise for 50 years now.

Our teams are made up of experts in energy efficiency services, while our staff are seasoned professionals in healthcare and public-facing roles. Our expert engineers, technicians, and agents have honed their expertise in bolstering operational performance in facilities, and can support you via a progress plan - the only way of reconciling short-term strategy and long-term goals. Idex supports you with well-thought-out recommendations backed up by facts and figures. Our goal is to reduce your facilities’ energy procurement and operating costs through facility renewals and upgrades.

Our offer:

Idex’s contracts are tailored to reflect feasibility, implementation costs, and return on investment criteria, and are structured into three categories:

  • Service contracts;
  • Technical contracts;
  • Turnkey contracts.

A complete toolbox: 

Guaranteed lower bills (energy and operations) thanks to a series of energy efficiency-focused services:

  • Consumption tracking
  • Measuring and checking action points implemented
  • Identifying weak spots
  • Analyzing and reporting
  • Remote facility management
  • Eco-coaching & patient comfort monitoring
  • Energy procurement optimization
  • Renewable energy supply