Quality care and energy transition

Maintaining service quality and safety

The healthcare sector has to meet very specific standards relating to air quality, thermal comfort and other conditions in order to meet national requirements.

Keeping services up and running

The key to preserving facilities and installations over the long term, while keeping teams and patients comfortable, is a combination of swift service and sharp technical expertise.

Making your move and keeping your budget under control

Healthcare establishments need bespoke support to identify the most effective measures to enhance energy performance and reduce consumption and bills while meeting regulatory requirements.

Key figures

650 healthcare facilities managed by idex in France

25% energy savings possible with automated management

60% energy savings possible using renewable and recovered energy

Our references

Centre Hospitalier de Grasse

Invested over €1.5 million to reduce energy consumption and improve heat and cold production system efficiency, aiming for a 38% drop in gas consumption and a 12% decrease in electricity consumption.

Centre hospitalier Eure-Seine

We designed and are operating a PV solar power plant on unused land. It provides additional convenience for medical staff (the panels are on carport roofs, which also provide shade) while supplying the hospital with sustainable, competitive electricity.

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Amiens-Picardie

idex is involved in energy management, and in facility operation, maintenance and servicing, to ensure patient safety as well as comfort.

Fondation Rothschild

An energy performance contract, using a surface geothermal system at a nursing home east of Paris.

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