Providing you with comfort and quality in the workplace

Safety = guaranteeing performance

Not only is safety crucial to ensuring teams stay enthusiastic and engaged: it impacts directly on how businesses perform, too. Creating a workplace that nurtures employees’ health and well-being generates value for employees and companies alike.

Thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is key to ensuring a building’s occupants feel good and stay safe. The Idex teams offer custom-made solutions to ensure users feel comfortable throughout the year, and to lower your buildings’ and regions’ carbon footprint and energy bills.

Custom-made services tailored to clients’ needs

Idex’s multi-technical and facility management services make companies’ lives easier day after day. Our teams contribute to fostering high-quality workspaces for your occupants, all while complying with health, safety, and environmental standards.

Adaptability and upgradeability: from energy supply to service integration

Idex is committed to working hand-in-hand with you to optimize your energy consumption and lessen your environmental impact. Our teams can also assist in optimizing your industrial and real-estate performance.