Adaptability and scalability: Energy supplying and integrating new services

Idex has been supporting its clients in their energy transition for over 50 years now. A pioneer in the energy transition movement, Idex provides companies and local authorities with environmental and energy efficiency solutions designed to be seamlessly incorporated into sustainable development policies.

Idex, a pioneer in energy transition

Ever since the 1990s, Idex has been investing in renewable energies and supporting public- and private-sector stakeholders in upgrading their facilities and energy sources alike.

Designing, producing, and running heating and cooling networks form the bedrock of what Idex does best. Our teams boast inside-out knowledge of all renewable energies on an industrial scale:

- energy networks: heating, cooling, smart grid,

- biomass, - biogas,

- near-surface and deep geothermal energy,

- cogeneration and industrial heat recovery,

- waste recovery and solid recovered fuels

- heat recovery from waste water, data centers, lakes, rivers, seas,

- solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal energy, etc.

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Integrating new services

Idex assists its clients in reducing their energy consumption. We work in close alignment with your priorities to optimize your industrial utilities and to protect and enhance your real estate portfolio. Our goal is to bolster your technical, environmental, and financial performance.

Rolling out cutting-edge industrial utilities

Performance in industry relies on energy efficiency within companies’ utilities. Our 4,000 employees cover the length and breadth of France, and offer tailored services designed to grow alongside each company. Idex develops and optimizes your industrial utilities production facilities with a view to reducing your energy consumption levels and generating savings.

Our teams guarantee service continuity and site security, while ensuring your utilities remain available, cost-efficient, and high-quality:

Idex fulfils its clients’ requirements on a day-to-day basis by aligning with their performance criteria. We also work to lower your sites’ energy consumption levels and reduce their carbon footprint. We optimize all your energy assets and recover your by-product energy.

Steam/hot water

Electricity production


Compressed air/vacuum

Ensuring buildings’ real estate performance

Idex offers integrated multi-technical, multi-department, and multi-site services. Idex’s experts ensure the very best energy performance for your real estate portfolio via responsible, tailored solutions:

These services are an integral part of embracing an optimized building management policy. Our teams assist with setting up energy performance contracts (EPC) and turnkey Facilities Management.

In doing so, Idex is committed to boosting your real estate assets’ attractiveness, comfort, and efficiency via on-site services rolled out within your buildings.

We work with our clients on a daily basis to: -

  • lower buildings’ energy consumption and carbon footprints,
  • increase your property portfolio’s value by securing labels and certification (such as HQE building management),
  • ensure workstations are comfortable,
  • guarantee occupants’ security and safety,
  • optimize rental costs.