Safety = guaranteeing performance

Infectious agents, lighting, fire safety, noise, and office size are just some of the aspects covered by various health and safety regulations that organizations need to comply with. The benefits of doing so are manifold, for users and companies alike. Ensuring the right working environment on your premises helps motivate and inspire employees, too.

Harnessing safety to boost performance

As a key factor in fostering a high-quality working environment, safety has a direct impact on organizations and how they perform.

A non-negotiable layer to health and safety in the workplace, safety is a multi-faceted field that aims to reduce the hazards and accidents that can arise in a professional setting. Assessing fire, health and hygiene, and workplace accident hazards enables companies to identify needs and put in place the appropriate preventative measures. Safety, meanwhile, aims to protect buildings against malicious acts. These hazards and risks include theft, industrial espionage, and personal protection for people.

Creating an environment that fosters well-being by offering the right conditions for achieving high performance creates value for your buildings’ occupants and users. Your employees’ well-being is a major factor in building loyalty and nurturing engagement among teams, which feeds back into organizations’ performance in turn.

Idex: your safety expert

Risk is an integral part of any business. Thanks to its subsidiary Multidex, Idex offers effective solutions for creating optimized workspaces and ensuring your buildings’ users and occupants stay safe. This frees you up to focus on what matters: doing what you do best.

A partner you can trust

Safety is an essential point for companies to consider. With this in mind, our teams support you in implementing your risk management strategy from start to finish:

- diagnostics and technical reports for installations,

- prioritizing and ranking identified risks,

- implementing technical solutions adapted to your priorities,

- audits and optimizing technical, organizational and environmental risk management processes.

To protect building occupants’ and users’ health and safety, the regulations require that companies implement assessments, routine checks, and risk management protocols. The latter are subject to an obligation of result. Our experts ensure your premises comply with health, safety, and environmental standards.

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360-degree personalized support

Idex offers innovative, tailored solutions designed to meet your needs as closely as possible to guarantee your buildings’ occupants and users the very best safety conditions.

Asbestos, lead, legionella, CO2, combustion products, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), solvents, steam – the list goes on. Chemical, physical, and biological sources of contamination abound in buildings, and can have a number of different root causes:

- outside or indoor air,

- construction and fittings materials and products,

- human activity,

- combustion appliances,

- maintenance products,

- domestic hot water,

- heating and ventilation systems, air-conditioning, and more.

Close management of these health hazards is crucial to safeguarding public health, as well as optimizing organizations’ performance.

Idex brings you tailor-made solutions to protect your users’ safety:

  • thermal comfort, air quality, and maintaining consistent humidity levels within your buildings,
  • maintenance for your buildings’ ventilation and filtration systems in order to prevent users being exposed to infectious agents (such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites),
  • checking building compliance with respect to combustion and gas emissions,
  • checking quality in electrical installations,
  • reducing noise and lightspill,
  • surveillance/security,
  • waste management, common area and sanitation maintenance, etc.