Thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is key to ensuring a building’s occupants feel good and stay safe.

As France’s first group to be ISO 50001-certified (energy management) across its activities, Idex ensures heating infrastructures run smoothly, from installation and renovation through to operations and maintenance.

Thermal comfort: a day-to-day responsibility

Thermal comfort ensures total well-being for occupants throughout the year, and goes hand-in-hand with energy performance. Thermal comfort is an individual matter and is generally linked to temperature, but a number of other factors come into play, such as:

- Indoor humidity

- Wall radiation and temperature

- Air movement and ventilation

- Heating method

- Temperature-regulating facilities

- Air breathability levels

- Indoor air quality, also known as IAQ (dust, smells).

The way in which temperatures are regulated is just as important as the heating technology used.

Optimizing your buildings’ thermal comfort with Idex

Idex works all year round to maintain perfect temperatures inside your buildings. From geothermal energy to wood-fired heating and solar energy, our teams adapt to align with your needs, and are well-equipped to work on all types of installations. Idex provides its clients with consistent excellence thanks to its highly qualified teams.

Installation works

As an expert in environmental and energy efficiency for buildings and local authorities, Idex designs and develops ground-breaking, high-performing and tailor-made solutions adapted to your infrastructure and goals.

From preliminary studies to the end results, we build lasting partnerships with our clients to ensure their thermal and/or airflow plans are a success.

Our expertise spans heating, ventilation, plumbing, air-conditioning, smoke extraction, fluid production and distribution, high/low voltage electricity and technical building management.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new installation or hoping to renovate an existing one, our teams support you every step of the way thanks to multi-year plans and schedules for optimizing your energy consumption.


Financing your installation works

Energy installation works can sometimes come at significant cost. Idex offers the option of spreading installation costs out over several years by pursuing our collaboration via an operating and maintenance contract.

This solution allows you to stagger the costs for your facility installation while retaining Idex’s full management and maintenance expertise.

We help you make savings on your installations’ operating costs, while giving you more control over your environmental footprint.


Our operating and maintenance contract

Safety and security for your users is one of our top priorities. That’s why our teams oversee your installations with the greatest of diligence and care, whether on site or remotely, using our smart monitoring systems.

Our Qualibat-certified technicians ensure your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling systems remain compliant, reliable and safe. We provide 24/7 continuous round-the-clock service for all the thermal installations you need to keep your occupants feeling good and staying safe.

We also carry out preventative maintenance work to prevent breakdowns and make sure your facilities are reliable and trustworthy.

Environmental and energy performance

Idex’s teams help you reduce your energy consumption levels and CO2 emissions for your public- and/or private-sector buildings across several levels: 

  • Selecting the right energy: standard, heat pumps, wood, solar, thermal, etc.
  • Optimizing energy production and distribution facilities
  • Building envelope performance
  • Regulation, installation operations, smart buildings
  • Building user awareness to inspire behavioral changes.

Idex serves as a day-to-day partner in ensuring lasting, positive energy performance levels for your thermal infrastructure.