Custom-made multi-technical services tailored to each client’s needs

Idex’s multi-technical and facility management services make companies’ lives easier day after day. Our teams contribute to fostering high-quality workspaces, all while complying with health, safety, and environmental standards.

By outsourcing these services, companies free up their time to focus on what they do best. They also ensure their users enjoy a high level of satisfaction, their assets remain protected, and their buildings perform to their max.

Facility management to support companies’ performance

The facility manager oversees all services linked to site management. Hygiene, cleanliness, reception, security, upkeep for green spaces, and more: facility management encompasses all support activities that contribute to a company running smoothly. It also ensures resources are optimized by tasks being centralized.

Building- and occupant-focused services should be an integral part of your real state policy. Facility management means guaranteeing a high level of user satisfaction, protects your assets over the long term, and ensures strong overall performance.

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Idex’s added value: day-to-day transparency and on-site support

Idex offers tailored services underpinned by facility management solutions that combine multi-technical, multi-site, and multi-service maintenance.

At Idex, close-knit relationships based on trust, built through the on-site work we do, make all the difference. Our employees work on your premises to provide you with the very highest quality of service. The latter is regularly checked and measured using performance indicators.

Because impartiality is important to us, we frequently call on third parties (audit and inspection bodies, consultancy firms) to audit and oversee the services we roll out in the field, resulting in certified services you can trust.

Building services

Idex handles your buildings’ technical installations and delivers multiple services to their occupants:

  • contact management (reception, switchboard, etc.),
  • logistics (handling mail, etc.),
  • cleanliness (waste clearing, etc.),
  • space management (meeting rooms, transit offices, etc.).

Our teams are committed to providing you with service in perfect alignment with your occupants’ needs.

Turnkey building management

To make your everyday experience easier, Idex’s technicians take care of supplying all the services your buildings need. They get to work across your assets’ entire real estate management chain, handling everything from management and recommendations to admin and budgeting. The quality of the services provided to occupants increases the value of your real estate assets.

Turnkey building and energy management

Idex takes care of your buildings and their occupants every step of the way. Our teams incorporate energy procurement and help you optimize costs. They also handle everything from management and recommendations to admin and budgeting.

In doing so, Idex helps you stand out from the crowd and increase your assets’ value, thanks to quality services for your occupants and by optimizing your installations’ energy efficiency.

Optional add-ons

As part of its turnkey building management solutions, Idex also offers a plethora of useful everyday services, such as:

  • concierge management services,
  • documentation and archiving management,
  • handling and printing,
  • green space maintenance, including upkeep for lawns and outdoor planted areas, as well as indoor plants,
  • safety for both assets and people thanks to our security services.