Energy policies and management

Energy management refers to all means that aim to optimize and manage energy consumption levels. Over and above technical means, energy management can take the form of eco-friendly habits in users’ behaviors.

Energy management as a driver for optimizing energy performance

In order to effectively optimize and manage your energy consumption, one crucial step must take place beforehand: an energy audit. Energy audits allow you to diagnose and detect any potential sources of energy loss with a view to arriving at a benchmark that can be used as a reference point for defining consumption targets and maintaining performance. Because impartiality is important to us, we frequently call on third parties (audit and inspection bodies, consultancy firms) to audit and oversee the services we roll out in the field, resulting in certified services you can trust.

Drawing on Energy Performance Contracts ensures strong energy results and preset targets. In addition to this, implementing a progress plan paves the way for long-term commitment and continuous performance improvement.

Thanks to Energy Performance Contracts for your building, Idex fulfils three key requirements:

Energy performance and reliability

Compliance with regulations

Equipment durability

Idex: smart energy management

Energy policy and management goes beyond merely conducting technical maintenance, operational, and upkeep services for your installations. We aim to support you in transitioning to using renewable energy on a mass scale, tariff optimization, and increased interaction with your buildings thanks to smart grids.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new installation or hoping to renovate an existing one, our teams support you every step of the way thanks to multi-year plans and schedules for optimizing your energy consumption.


Effective management

We provide you with high-quality, relevant, and regular reports on the services we offer. Service quality must be regularly checked and measured using performance indicators, and reported back to the appropriate decision-making level.

Our managers are well aware that effective, efficient reporting is crucial to guaranteeing high performance in the services provided. They work to supply you with high-quality, relevant, and regular reports you can trust, equipping you with tangible indicators linked to on-site team vigilance regarding the services provided.

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Idex’s added value

Idex pours all its technological expertise and flair for innovation into optimizing your energy model, from energy production to energy consumption management.

Achieving on your behalf

We get to work, drawing on various key factors inherent to high energy performance in tertiary-sector buildings: operational management of installations and your building’s technical systems, and working closely with the spaces’ end users, who are key to achieving high energy performance.

Supporting you financially

Backed by a significant financial base, Idex supports you in funding your project and offers solutions in the event of insufficient resources.


We provide eco-coaching, supporting you in reducing your consumption through a number of different goals.