Local production

Decarbonizing industrial utilities

Manufacturers are looking for competitive utilities to counteract the rise in fossil fuel prices while meeting tightening environmental requirements. idex has solid expertise in this field across France, and offers turnkey heating services at stable, competitive prices using low-carbon inputs—such as biomass, biogas and recovered by-products—whenever possible.

Waste-to-energy plants

Incinerating waste to generate energy is a sustainable alternative and reduces the amount of waste in landfills. idex operates 15 of these plants in metropolitan and overseas France, to produce low-carbon heat on an industrial scale and supply it mostly through heating and cooling networks.

Heating and cooling networks

idex’s heating and cooling networks use renewable and recovered energies on a massive scale, and are thereby furthering energy transition in cities and regions. Combined with support from ADEME (the French Agency for Ecological Transition) and energy saving certificates in France, we supply 60% renewable energy at stable, competitive prices through 60 heating networks.