Our solutions

Reducing/saving energy and resources

As an independent leader at the forefront of energy transition, we assist you in optimising your buildings’ and processes’ energy efficiency. From energy performance contracts and energy pledges and management to using your energy-saving certificates to your advantage, we work together to determine the right solutions for your needs.

Harnessing all local energy and reducing your carbon footprint

Idex chooses to prioritise local, renewable, and recovered energy, and boasts 150 wood-fired boilers, over 30 years of experience in geothermal energy, 50 heating and cooling networks, 11 incineration and anaerobic digestion plants, and more. We are well-versed in all types of energy, and can take on all steps in your plans so you don’t have to, from audit, design, and construction, to funding and running your installations.

Providing you with comfort and quality in the workplace

Idex offers tailored, innovative solutions to increase comfort, user satisfaction, and longevity for your assets. We provide a custom-designed 360-degree offer that includes multi-technical and multi-service aspects as well as facility management.

Industrial utilities

Idex supports you with energy management and optimisation. We design, develop, and build new constructions or carry out renovations of heating, air-conditioning, air treatment, plumbing, fluid distribution and production, and electricity installations. We also assist with designing, developing, and renovating production plants.