Idex: your partner in the housing sector

France’s 2015 energy transition for eco-friendly growth act sets out a number of ambitious targets for the housing sector. By 2050, all buildings across France will need to reach low energy consumption levels via 500,000 buildings undergoing energy renovations every year.

To fulfil this objective, Idex supports building managers and public- and private-sector building owners in managing their collective buildings. Idex’s teams design, develop, and build virtuous solutions that are tailor-made to meet each client’s specific needs.

Our shared goals including improving your buildings’ environmental and energy efficiency, as well as optimizing rental performance. Idex guarantees residents enjoy everyday comfort, safety, and security, while lastingly reducing their costs.

Improving housing lies at the heart of what we do best.

Our approach to your priorities

At Idex, we’re convinced that buildings’ energy performance goes hand-in-hand with occupants’ quality of life. As a source of financial and thermal comfort to residents, energy performance contributes to rental performance and increasing your assets’ value, too.

Optimizing a building’s energy consumption is first and foremost about ensuring all its facilities operate in a smart, efficient way. This allows our clients to engage in a virtuous cycle of upgrading their installations thanks to the savings made on everyday operating costs.

We work with you every step of the way to better meet your needs:

Real estate portfolio

Increasing your real estate portfolio’s value

Idex undertakes to improve and maintain your property portfolio, covering ventilation, heating, domestic hot water, and more. We work in close alignment with your needs and priorities.

Maintaining, renovating, and insulating our clients’ installations means guaranteeing them better returns on their rental investments.

It also ensures added value when it comes time to sell.

Rental costs

Optimizing rental costs

Housing-related costs account for almost a quarter of household budgets. Lowering energy bills means reducing this expense significantly. To keep residents happy and satisfied, Idex gets to work on buildings’ heating and domestic hot water installations. Our technicians inspect and monitor installations’ condition and status, ensuring compliance with standards, system security and safety, and a drop in CO2 emissions. Ensuring your installations are compliant results in them remaining high-performing: tenants enjoy efficient energy consumption and lower rental costs to boot.

Comfort and risks

Guaranteeing a high standard of comfort and reducing health risks for occupants

Because safety is a key priority for building owners, Idex draws on technical means to prevent housing-related health risks. To prevent bacteria and viruses such as legionella and COVID-19 from spreading, Idex makes sure your buildings’ ventilation systems are in ship-shape condition. Idex’s teams also tackle virus- and bacteria-spreading in hot water storage areas. In addition, we check building compliance with respect to combustion and gas emissions, as well as electrical installation quality.

Compliance and safety

Guaranteeing regulatory compliance of the installations and occupants’ security and safety

At Idex, we ensure there are no chinks in your installations’ regulatory control chains. Idex’s technicians conduct regular works on your buildings to maintain compliance and ensure your occupants remain safe. We work in compliance with France’s Grenelle de l’environnement framework and the RT 2012 standard that aims to shift all buildings into low-consumption status (BBC) with primary energy consumption restricted to 50 kWh/m2/year.

Providing services

Providing occupants with services

From reducing gas and CO2 emissions to checking electrical compliance and reducing the risk of bacteria, Idex makes everyday life that little bit easier, and handles all the works you need to ringfence residents’ safety. Idex’s technicians ensure your installations offer reliability, uninterrupted service, and zero excess consumption. Offering daily support thanks to a network of 100 local agencies scattered across France, our technicians build close, on-site, trust-based relationships with occupants.

Energy footprint

Reducing energy impact and carbon footprint in housing

Saving energy is a commitment that is consistently at the forefront of everything Idex’s technicians do. We offer energy sourcing and energy efficiency solutions. Our teams monitor and renovate your facilities as well as your buildings. By using more virtuous energy sources and supporting changes in users’ behaviors, waste is reduced or entirely eliminated.

Securing purchase prices

Smarter energy procurement to benefit your tenants

Energy bills are one of a building’s highest costs. According to France’s Association des Responsables de Copropriété (ARC), joint owners in France spend an average of €13.5/m2/per year on heating, making it the biggest culprit in rental costs. In order to stay competitive, asset managers and owners need to secure reasonable purchasing prices. This is where Idex comes in, offering you attractive prices thanks to its central buying office.

Reducing vacancies in your properties

Finding new occupants faster by tackling issues in shared areas

Thanks to its multi-service, multi-technical, and multi-service offer, our Must subsidiary helps you stand out from the crowd to bolster occupant satisfaction and reduce vacancies in your properties.
As specialists in ten different trades, our technicians provide preventative upkeep, repairs, works, and on-call services to accelerate the process of getting your buildings into flawless condition. Our goal is to ensure a 100% full occupancy rate for your private units.
Our Must services boast ISO 9001, PGN-PGB, Qualibat and APSAD certification.

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Idex’s solutions in the housing sector

As a partner to social property owners and building managers for 50 years now, Idex offers day-to-day support to better meet your needs and offer ever greener and more sustainable energy systems.

To make energy transition accessible to all, Idex offers its clients financing arrangements for all their energy renovation and development works. The group also undertakes to supply them with attractive energy prices thanks to its central buying office.

Our 4,000 employees work across 100 local agencies and are committed to sharing the group’s forward-thinking and environmental values with each and every client, engaging in close-knit, trust-based relationships with users.

We’re driven by the idea of generating less CO2 and consuming less energy to protect the planet. Now we need to generate and consume smarter.
Christophe Bourcier
Idex Habitat et Collectivités Ile-de-France Regional Director

Our services are custom-made and designed to adapt to fit your needs:

Energy-sourcing solutions:

  • Connections to heating networks

Energy efficiency solutions:

  • Monitoring heat production
  • Consumption tracking
  • Temperature compliance

Operational and functional efficiency solutions:

  • Access control
  • Air quality control
  • Anticipating breakdowns
  • Identifying/troubleshooting breakdowns
  • Monitoring leaks in heating and cooling networks