Idex: a valued partner for local authorities

Tasked with overseeing 34,970 municipalities scattered across the country’s 18 regions, France’s local authorities face pressure to demonstrate exemplary behaviour in light of the profound energy and climate crisis the world is currently experiencing. We need to be using energy better, and consuming less.

Energy lies at the heart of a plethora of issues and concerns in which local authorities play a key role, from housing and transport to energy infrastructure and insecurity. Legislation such as the Grenelle de l’Environnement (France’s environmental pact) have widened local authorities’ scope for taking control of energy and renewable energies.

End customers and clients have increasingly high standards and criteria when it comes to quality of service, response times, advice and real-time communication..

Major challenges linked to energy efficiency and cost-cutting

As local authorities, you’re responsible for overseeing energy transition across your catchment areas with a view to engaging both local businesses and citizens. The latter bear the full brunt of the consequences of climate change and a rise in energy prices.

Energy planning

Contributing to France’s energy and environmental planning

Energy planning is governed by the country’s Air-Climate (PCAET) plan, a planning tool that plays a major part in curtailing climate change, developing renewable energies and managing energy consumption. Idex supports you through these processes, and actively undertakes research aimed at exploiting local by-product energies and regional recovered energies.

Citizen security

Ensuring a high level of service and citizen security

We guarantee optimum service levels, compliance with environmental rules and regulations, site security and continuous emission monitoring. We provide 24/7 continuity of service at all times thanks to an on-call system, and ensure business continuity plans are swiftly implemented in the event of a pandemic.

Energy consumption

Reducing regional energy consumption

In light of the major threat posed by global warming, the goal is to slash energy consumption levels and achieve carbon neutrality. Doing so relies on large-scale development of heating networks set up across the country to tap in to the significant sources of renewable energies available . Idex assists you with developing, updating and extending your networks to meet national energy transition objectives.

Carbon footprints

Reducing regional carbon footprints

Saving energy and protecting and maintaining living spaces and the environment over the long term lie at the heart of Idex technicians’ day-to-day values. Idex supports you in optimizing your installations, prioritizing renewable energies such as biomass and biogas to drastically reduce your environmental footprint.

Local energies

Drawing on all local energies available

Developing local and renewable energies is key to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Idex helps you research and conduct feasibility studies and technical audits of the various options open to you. From geothermal energy to biomass and recovered energy, we boast inside-out knowledge of all renewable and recovered energies thanks to the breadth of experience we’ve garnered over many years.

Energy networks

Developing virtuous-cycle heating and cooling energy networks

Virtuous-cycle heating and cooling energy networks are a key driver in energy transition. Today, most draw on different types of renewable energies, such as biomass and geothermal energy. To date, Idex oversees a total of 42 networks that supply heat generated by a minimum of 50% renewable and recovered energies. As a pioneer in the field of renewable energies, we embark on long-term partnerships with local authorities, assisting them across all levels of their energy infrastructure projects.

Smart network system

Helping to roll out “smart” regions

For a number of years now, Idex has been developing its very own smart network system for its heating and cooling networks. In some regions, we deploy a multi-energy Smart Grid solution that enables proactive management of energy performance, production and consumption for heating, cooling and electricity energy networks. Idex analyzes past data to adapt production based on user needs, weather forecasts and the energy sources available, all while prioritizing local renewable energy and recovered energy.

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Tailored solutions for energy management, sourcing and efficiency

Local authorities have served as the cornerstone of Idex’s identity for 50 years now. With years of experience under our belt, we enjoy proven expertise in managing municipal buildings.

Our focus on energy independence, our region-oriented structure, the watertight reliability of our methods and our cutting-edge technologies allow us to provide a 360-degree service that makes our company a leading partner for your energy needs.

Your goals are our utmost priority, and that of our 4,000 members of staff working across the country. We understand the driving role you play in lowering carbon emissions and energy consumption levels. Idex can support you in implementing solutions aimed at improving your municipal buildings’ environmental and energy efficiency with a view to enhancing quality of life for your constituents and boosting your appeal as a region.

We are energy specialists and experts in managing energy consumption, while also offering a multi-technique, multi-service solution that covers all bases.