The tertiary sector accounts for a significant proportion of energy consumption. Tertiary real estate renovations are subject to a different series of requirements, such as the RT2012 thermal regulation, the Loi Élan, and the 2019 tertiary decree. The latter requires owners, occupants, and managers of tertiary buildings to slash their energy consumption by 60% by 2050, compared to 2010.

In light of the climate emergency, we now need to take urgent action to optimize energy consumption in tertiary buildings.

Key priorities in the tertiary sector

Laying the groundwork for the future means reducing your buildings’ energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It also means protecting and maximizing your real estate assets, all while ensuring safety and comfort for users.

Idex supports you with tailored solutions designed to tackle the sector’s key priorities:


Ensuring comfort in the workplace

How can businesses provide users with quality comfort in the workplace? This is an issue that many tertiary sector companies are investigating, as both their employees and clients are working in increasingly open spaces.
Idex designs innovative, tailored solutions to improve each user’s workspace. Over and above heat comfort, Idex handles issues surrounding consistent air and humidity quality, while tackling noise nuisance and light spill.


Guaranteeing building occupants’ safety

Effectively preventing accidents in the workplace requires tight control over health and sanitary hazards. Idex ensures high quality and maintenance for your buildings’ ventilation and filtration systems in order to prevent users being exposed to infectious agents (such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites). Our technicians also monitor building compliance (greenhouse gas emissions, quality in electrical installations). We ensure your installations comply with the regulatory control chain.

Rental costs

Optimizing rental costs

Idex supports you in achieving improved energy efficiency in your buildings in order to reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Your building’s energy performance also adds to its value and attractiveness among lessees and users. Lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, domestic hot water, and cooling systems can all be energy-optimized in a number of different ways. We offer custom-designed services that meet high environmental quality (Haute Qualité Environnementale, HQE) standards, as well as the goals set out by France’s Grenelle de l’Environnement environmental thinktank.

On-site service

Boosting attractiveness, comfort, and effectiveness in the workplace via on-site service

Idex offers a wide range of multi-faceted on-site solutions. Our technicians ensure round-the-clock comfort for users and installation performance in order to hit a 100% occupancy rate in your buildings.

Security, green space and common area maintenance and upkeep, waste management, sanitation, and more: these services make all the difference from your users’ perspective.


Lowering your real estate assets’ energy consumption and carbon footprints

France’s 2019 tertiary decree is encouraging owners, occupants, and asset managers to work towards better energy consumption management.
Idex’s teams improve your tertiary buildings’ energy performance to fulfil these requirements and lastingly reduce your environmental footprint. Our technicians offer high-performing facilities, and the control and management tools to go with them.

Property portfolio

Increasing your property portfolio’s value by securing labels and certification (such as HQE building management)

From the BBC label (Bâtiment Basse Consommation, low-energy buildings), to NF HQE tertiary buildings certification, accreditation is a way of shining a light on your buildings’ best environmental practices.

Idex supports you through the process of acquiring and renewing your certifications from start to finish, in a bid to showcase your commitment to change, and ultimately increase your property portfolio’s value.

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Idex’s solutions for the tertiary sector

With extensive experience working with tertiary building owners, lessees, and managers for 50 years now, Idex boosts your assets’ efficiency and energy performance through virtuous, sustainable solutions.

Our teams offer suitable contractual services incorporated into an overarching, optimized management policy: setting up energy performance contracts (EPC), and turnkey Facilities Management.

We forge close ties and relationships built on trust with each of our clients, working to meet every last one of their needs. Our 4,000 employees work out of 100 local agencies, spanning a total of nearly 10,000,000 m² in surface area to provide multi-technical, multi-service, and facility management solutions.

From heating, air-conditioning, and technical and electrical building management, to installation works, electricity production, and beyond: our services are tailored to mirror your priorities:

Energy-sourcing solutions:

  • Connections to heating networks
  • Energy supply thanks to our integrated central buying office (“P1” contracts)

Energy efficiency solutions:

  • Monitoring heat production
  • Consumption tracking
  • Temperature compliance

Operational and functional efficiency solutions

  • Access control
  • Air quality control
  • Anticipating breakdowns
  • Identifying/troubleshooting breakdowns
  • Monitoring leaks in heating and cooling networks