Because we uphold strong values of respect, independence, responsibility and team spirit, Idex pays particularly close care to achieving gender equality in the workplace.

Below, you’ll find the index results for each of the Idex group’s different companies.

What is the gender equality in the workplace index?

This index is a new tool that compares and contrasts professional realities for both men and women within a given company. The goal is to erase all professional gender-based inequalities within three years.
The index is a fully transparent tool for measuring pay gaps between men and women, thereby shining a light on areas of improvement for each company to work towards.
Brought in by France’s Labour Ministry, the index has applied to all companies with under 50 members of staff since 1 March 2020. The companies in question are required to calculate their index, and publish their figures on their website.

Focus / The facts

Equal pay between men and women has been a legal obligation since 1972. And yet according to the French Observatoire des Inégalités (inequalities watchdog), women earn €452 less than men per month on average (based on FTE, net monthly salaries).

How the index is calculated

The index takes the shape of a grade given out of 100 points, based on five criteria:
  • Pay gap between men and women

Scored out of a possible 40 points
This criterion takes into account men and women’s average pay within a given company. To be awarded the full 40 points, the gender pay gap must be zero.

  • Gap between individual pay rises

Scored out of a possible 20 points
This indicator takes into account the percentage of men and women that were given a pay rise over the course of the year. The full number of points is awarded if the same salary increases were awarded to women and men alike (give or take 2% or two employees.

  • Gap between promotions – for companies with over 250 employees

Scored out of a possible 15 points
The full number of points is awarded to a company if, over the course of the year, as many women as men were promoted (give or take 2% or two employees).

  • Number of employees given a pay rise upon returning from maternity leave

Scored out of a possible 15 points
This criterion takes into account pay rises granted to women following their return from maternity leave. A company is awarded no points if as much as a single member of female staff is not granted this rise.

  • Equality among the company’s ten highest earners

Scored out of a possible 10 points
The full 10 points are awarded if at least four of a company’s ten highest earners are women.

How Idex scores

At Idex, complying with human rights is one of our five pillars.

We make every possible effort to ensure our score improves year after year, so that every member of staff is able to grow in an environment that fosters collective performance.

We are committed to providing the same opportunities to all.

Idex group’s companies

Titre du tableau
2019 2018
Idex services : 77/100 (overall index score)
Enerchauf : 40/45 (total across all measurable indicators)
Idex Environnement Bretagne : 35/45 (total across all measurable indicators)
Idex Energies : 68/100