Managing your energy usage

Low-carbon building boilers

idex can cut your energy consumption by up to 60%, your fuel purchases by 80% and your carbon emissions commensurately, by[RF1]  tapping into a building’s unavoidable energy, opportunities to produce photovoltaic solar power and possibilities regarding geothermal storage. Its goal is to use all of the above on a massive scale.


idex will supply a turnkey system on your existing buildings so you can produce and consume local, renewable electricity, with no upfront investment, at a stable, competitive price for years.

Connection to heating and cooling networks

The abrupt rise in gas and electricity prices—the sharpest in 50 years—is putting heating and cooling networks in the spotlight. Connecting to an idex network is the best way to shield yourself against the risk of inflation and the general uncertainty around energy prices. Our subscribers know that the energy they use is renewable and that its price will remain stable, and in some countries qualify for tax breaks and/or subsidies to cover part of the connection costs.

Energy performance contracts

At idex, we provide a full service ranging from optimizing your power bill to handling energy retrofits and on to smart equipment management. We map out, produce and roll out your action plan to enhance energy performance and lock the targets into a contract, principally by leveraging our experience in energy management.

Smart installation operation and management

idex monitors and manages your energy consumption to keep it in line with the requirements in the agreement, and adjusts equipment operation based on use (whether or not areas are occupied, required comfort standards, etc.). The goal is to achieve 20% energy savings on average.


idex turns potential savings into actual savings on your bill, amounting to up to 35% with modernization works and up to 60% with energy retrofits. And we help you apply for an array of subsidies and grants to minimize the cost for you.

Individualizing heating costs

With Kocliko, idex makes heating bills fairer in apartment buildings. Our solution uses precise, actual measurements of indoor temperature, and artificial intelligence to distinguish between comfort temperature and experienced temperature—which can shave up to 25% off your heating bill.

Multi-technical services and facility management

idex manages technical infrastructure with a holistic approach, which includes everything from looking for energy sources that match your needs to taking measures to increase energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions, and on to providing services for occupants.

Electric charging

Equipping your company with charging stations will upgrade your standards, and giving your employees the possibility of topping up in your company’s parking lot will encourage them to go electric.

Multi-service solutions for residential properties

idex enhances the value of social landlords’ properties by rolling out a program to replace equipment and keep it working properly. We are a one-stop shop: we handle all the plumbing, sewerage, electrical, joinery, hardware, ventilation and other work in common areas and private apartments.