Biogas by Idex

Biogas is a renewable gas produced via methanization of organic matter, such as agricultural crop residue, and some types of industrial waste from the agri-food and livestock industries. These resources abound across France, and can be used to generate heat and electricity once they’ve been processed.

As a specialist in managing and recovering biomass for 40 years now, Idex enjoys unique partnerships with industrial companies and local authorities.

Biogas: what it is, and how it can benefit you

Biogas is the result of organic matter left to ferment in an oxygen-starved environment. It is primarily composed of methane and carbon dioxide. It can be burnt to yield heat and/or electricity, and it can also be purified before being injected into local natural gas distribution networks.

Biogas is a biomass-sourced green energy generated by methanizing different resources such as:

  • agricultural crop residuex,
  • green household waste,
  • mud from water treatment plants,
  • waste from the livestock and agri-food industries,
  • silt extracted from the bottoms of lakes and riverbeds.

This fermentation process takes place in a digester within which temperatures are meticulously controlled. The result is biogas, in addition to a viscous residue known as the digestate. The latter can be composted into a powerful fertilizer that bolsters local crops.

This biogas can then generate energy by combustion in a gas boiler, for example, which is then injected into the heating network. It can also be used to generate electricity when burnt in a gas engine. Most often, it is used to generate electricity and heat simultaneously via a cogeneration plant.

Biogas production by Idex

Local authorities and manufacturers can outsource their biomass production to Idex in order to meet their targets in terms of caring for the planet, achieving energy efficiency, cutting costs, boosting productivity, improving safety and security, and reducing disturbance.

Idex’s clients enjoy access to the group’s other areas of expertise, such as heating network management and energy efficiency services, all in a turnkey service. Idex invests in partnerships with its clients and commits to achieving tangible results.

Idex’s technical expertise

Methanization is a sustainable, eco-friendly solution for bio-processing organic matter produced in a given region. Thanks to inside-out mastery of the different processes involved, Idex is equipped to manage all types of biogas production installations.

Idex is able to support its clients at all project stages, from design and development to operations. In order to keep the installations it is entrusted with as competitive as possible, Idex regularly offers clients technical improvements, such as:

  • Tool upgrades
  • Process improvement works (waste sorting optimization, compost quality, air conditioning, SRF production, etc.)
  • Expertise and implementing the very best technologies for recovering biogas.

Guaranteed results

By entrusting Idex with producing your biogas, you’ll enjoy high-impact results in terms of:

  • Installations availability and capacity
  • Matter recovery rates
  • Standardized compost production and marketing
  • Recovery of rejected fuels
  • Energy performance.

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Excellent credentials in biogas production across France

In France, Idex runs four biomass recovery centers, generating biogas on behalf of local authorities:

100 000 t/year Amiens (80)

75 000 t/year Géotexia (22)

 130 000 t/year Agrimaine (53)

40 000 t/year Le Robert (97)