Harnessing all local energy and reducing your carbon footprint

Energy, heating, and cooling networks

Designing, producing, and running heating and cooling networks have formed the bedrock of what Idex does best for over 50 years now. To date, we oversee 42 heating networks across France, which work to optimize energy consumption in a given district or city, and make efficient use of local recovered and renewable energies. In addition, thanks to our digital solutions that operate in a similar fashion to smartgrids for electricity networks, we control and manage all types of cooling and heating networks remotely, all with total precision and responsiveness.


Biomass is a source of renewable energy produced by organic waste, and is available across France. Green waste, industrial wood residue, and waste from the agri-food industry are all resources for generating biomass, and can be recycled to produce heat and electricity. Idex has been specializing in recovering and managing biomass for the past 40 years, allowing its industry clients and local authorities to tap into this green and inexpensive source of energy.


Biogas is a renewable gas produced via methanization of organic matter (biomass), such as agricultural crop residue, and some types of industrial waste from the agri-food and livestock industries. These resources abound across France, and can be used to generate heat and electricity once they’ve been processed. Idex has been drawing on its unique partnerships with industrial companies and local authorities to produce biogas for over 40 years now.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy involves extracting hot water under the surface of the Earth to produce heat, cold, and electricity. To do so, drilling takes place deep underground to source groundwater. This water is then pumped up to the surface, where a heat exchanger recovers the heat energy. Geothermal energy is available in inexhaustive supply, and is considered a renewable energy source. Idex works with you to design, develop, and run your geothermal energy system.

Energy recovery from waste

For over 40 years now, Idex has been running a technical hub home to over 250 employees working at our clients’ sites to run and maintain their waste recovery installations. Idex’s expertise spans all aspects of waste recovery and biomass, including composting, methanization, incineration, and cogeneration, as well as producing Solid Recovered Fuels (SRFs).

Heat recovery

Heat recovery results in cleaner energy at lesser cost for manufacturers and local authorities. As its name suggests, this process involves recovering heat energy generated by another activity (such as waste incineration and data centers) that would otherwise go unused. This “by-product heat” can be used to heat housing or produce electricity.

Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal energy is a renewable energy source that involves producing heat or hot water via sensors or solar concentrators. This type of energy is especially used for heating networks, whether for industry or collective housing. Idex helps you install, manage, and maintain your solar thermal installations to save money on your energy bills and rein in your CO2 emissions.