Biomass management and recovery by Idex

Biomass is a source of renewable energy produced by organic waste, and is available across France. Green waste, industrial wood residue, and waste from the agri-food industry are all resources for generating biomass, and can be recycled to produce heat and electricity. Idex has been specializing in recovering and managing biomass for the past 40 years, allowing its industry clients and local authorities to tap into this green and inexpensive source of energy.

Biomass: what it is, and how it can benefit you

Biomass refers to all organic matter that can be converted into energy, primarily plant-derived organic matter (such as food waste, wood, leaves, and grass).

There are three types of biomass:

  • Solids, such as straw, woodchips, and logs sourced from household and industrial waste
  • Liquids, such as vegetable oils
  • Gases, such as biogas

Biomass energy recovery can result in different types of energy. Biomass is used to generate heat or electricity by incineration, or to produce both simultaneously in cogeneration plants. It is also the raw ingredient used in generating biogas via methanization, which then goes on to power boilers or is injected directly into the natural gas network.

The benefits of biomass

Biomass is a renewable energy source and low-cost solution for manufacturers and local authorities. On a local scale, biomass energy recovery increases renewable energy recovery proportions in energy mixes, thereby reducing regions’ dependency on fossil fuels. Furthermore, biomass contributes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, as the CO2 released upon its combustion is offset by the CO2 absorbed by the biomass’s plants during growth.

Biomass recovery by Idex

Local authorities and manufacturers can outsource their biomass production to Idex in order to meet their targets in terms of caring for the planet, achieving energy efficiency, cutting costs, boosting productivity, improving safety and security, and reducing disturbance. Idex’s clients enjoy access to the group’s other areas of expertise, such as heating network management and energy efficiency services, all in a turnkey service. Idex invests in partnerships with its clients and commits to achieving tangible results.

Idex’s technical expertise

Idex is able to support manufacturers and local authorities at all biomass project stages, from design and development to running installations and securing funding.

  • Structuring biomass processes via putting various stakeholders in touch
  • Biomass quality control and management, and process optimization
  • Heavy maintenance and equipment replacements
  • Emission monitoring
  • Heat and electricity production optimization
  • Managing and overseeing installations hand in hand with public sector and industrial clients

Guaranteed results

By entrusting Idex with your biomass recovery and management, you’ll enjoy high-impact results in terms of:

  • High-quality biomass
  • Installations availability and capacity
  • Consumable management and re-use of by-products
  • Generated energy production and marketing
  • Emission monitoring
  • Certification

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A leading name on France’s biomass recovery and management scene

Idex manages and runs the Commentry biomass plant in the Allier region, which processes over 150,000 tons of forest wood every year to produce electricity for the ERDF network via its 15 MWe turbine-generator unit, and to supply neighboring manufacturer Adisseo with steam for its internal needs.

Idex owns and runs the Brignoles biomass plant in the Var region, with thermal power of 62 MW. Every year, 180,000 tons of forest wood and wood waste are recovered at this plant, generating a total of 170,000 MWh in electricity.