Industrial utilities

Supporting buildings in achieving higher energy performance

Improving your energy performance is one of our core priorities. Idex offers integrated multi-technical, multi-department, and multi-site services for a solution to fit with all your needs.

Idex’s experts ensure the very best energy performance for your real estate portfolio via responsible, tailored solutions.


Steam is used in a number of industrial processes to heat, clean, and sterilize products, as well as to generate energy. Idex assists you in installing, managing, and caring for your steam production unit.

We handle technical management for your installation to keep it available and effective.

We also conduct all necessary checks and surveillance to ensure your employees stay safe.

Electricity production

Idex provides day-to-day assistance in installing, running, and maintaining your electricity-producing facilities. We conduct audits, configurations, checks, and surveillance for these kinds of infrastructure, and provide comprehensive management.

We also incorporate primary energy procurement to ensure you save money on your electricity production bills.


Cogeneration is a technique in which two different forms of energy are produced simultaneously within a single production unit. The heat generated to produce electricity is used to heat buildings.

As with other industrial utilities, Idex takes care of installing, running, and maintaining your cogeneration units.

We conduct upkeep and maintenance operations for your units, with integrated procurement of the primary energy needed to fuel them.

Compressed air/vacuum

Idex helps you install, manage, and maintain your compressed air tools (such as compressors), your compressed air-producing installations, as well as your cleanroom environmental monitoring facilities.

We conduct all maintenance, upkeep, checks, and surveillance for this infrastructure to ensure full availability on a daily basis.

Installation works

Managing industrial utilities across your production lines is a key factor in remaining competitive in your industry. Idex is a recognized expert in running and maintaining new, dedicated facilities for producing these industrial utilities in order to bolster your company’s performance.

We support you in setting up infrastructure tailored to your business’s needs.