Steam, hot water, and superheated water installations

Steam, hot water, and superheated water have a number of applications and are frequently used in industry and research. These three utilities are used to heat, clean, and even sterilize in the health and agri-food sectors. Idex takes care of managing all types of steam, hot water, and superheated water installations on clients’ behalf.

Managing steam production installations

Many different industries use steam, hot water, and superheated water production in their day-to-day business. These utilities are used in a wide range of applications, and particularly for their sanitary properties. The health, paper, chemicals, textile, and agri-food industries are just some of the sectors where you can expect to find steam production installations.

Industrial steam can be used to:

  • Heat Refineries and chemical and food-processing plants use steam to heat and cook various products.
  • Generate energy It can also be used to generate electricity via thermal energy. The latter keeps a rotor linked to the generator moving. It is a key component of thermal power stations, and can also be used to power industrial machinery.
  • Humidify and hydrate Steam can be used to control humidity in a room or building. It is also used in the paper industry to keep paper moist and avoid tears.
  • Clean Just like household steam mops, steam is used in industry to clean machines and products.
  • Sterilize Steam is used in healthcare facilities to sterilize medical devices. This is one of the safest sanitary techniques used.

Steam production installations draw on one or several steam boilers that feed into a distribution network.


How Idex can benefit your steam production installations

Production in a range of different industries is reliant on high-performing steam, hot water, and superheated water production installations. As a result, manufacturers have very high expectations for this type of unit in terms of availability and energy costs. The support we offer is structured around four key pillars: installation safety, adaptability, control, and availability.


Steam production units are subject to stringent regulations. Idex runs these units on its clients’ behalf, all with the greatest of care and compliance with the safety rules in force, thereby safeguarding both your employees and the environment.


For companies in industry, needs in terms of steam supply can quickly change in response to production and increases in loads. Idex takes a responsive approach, adapting your installations to mirror your needs.


We run regular traceability and steam quality checks of the steam generated by your installations thanks to a palette of control and checking tools.


We prioritize ensuring your installations remain available so as not to impact on production and business.

Idex’s solutions for your steam, hot water, and superheated water production installations

To manage and oversee your steam, hot water, and superheated water production installations, Idex offers four distinct solutions tailored to your needs:


Idex handles all maintenance operations scheduled for your installations, including everyday upkeep as well as simple and comprehensive maintenance. We keep to a tight schedule of preventative maintenance works.

Technical guarantees

Idex handles technical management aspects for all your installations, including operations and maintenance. When your installations need replacing, we take on the job so you don’t have to, ensuring uninterrupted availability and stellar performance.

Operations and upkeep

Idex conducts all measuring/surveying, monitoring, configuring, checking, and tracking operations for your installations, in alignment with their operating parameters (flow, pressure, temperature).


Because this type of installation calls for a high amount of energy resources, Idex ensures steam, hot water, and superheated water is generated in line with specified quantities and quality (tons or Mwh). By incorporating procurement of the energy you need, you’ll be saving money while reducing your carbon footprint.

We also handle technical management aspects for all your installations, as well as offering a number of different optional add-ons depending on your installations:

Distribution network add-on

We provide 360-degree maintenance across your steam, hot water, and superheated water distribution network.

Renewable energy add-on

We guarantee renewable energy to keep your installations running, including solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and more.

Process gas supply add-on

Gas supplied for purposes other than steam production as part of a separate procurement contract.

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Steam, hot water, and superheated water production installations in the Paris area and across France

  • The French Defense Health Service called on Idex to produce domestic hot water and high-pressure steam at its military training hospitals in Paris and Saint-Mandé.
  • The Safran Group entrusted us with managing superheated water production at its Gennevilliers, Villaroche, Evry-Corbeil, Vernon, and Eragny sites. 
  • Idex manages steam production for L’Oréal across the Group’s five sites in Mitry-Mory, Beaubourg, Aulnay-sous-bois, Vichy, and La Roche-Posay.