Clone of Idex: a naturally responsible company with a conscience

Hello and welcome! I’m Aurore, and I work in Idex’s CSR department.

This means I’m at the heart of the action, which is what I enjoy. With me here today is Rio, a young Ara macaw parrot. In 2019, Rio was forced to flee his natural habitat to protect his species’ existence following the blazing fires that took root in the Amazon forest.

I met Rio by pure chance. Back then, he was exhausted after several months spent migrating.

As I listened to his story unfold, I could sense the distress coming off him in waves. I became aware of just how crucial the fight against climate change is. Over the past few years, scientists and the planet itself have been warning us of what lies ahead. Our collective goal is to take action, to lead from the frontline to combat the climate emergency and protect biodiversity.

What if you too took action for the future?

Our CSR policy is comprised of a whole series of small, everyday acts.

Let’s take a closer look at what CSR is: Everything that a company might do to look after its clients, the environment, and its employees. Corporate Social Responsibility is a very broad term that spans improving working conditions for staff and gender equality, to eradicating discrimination and protecting the environment and biodiversity. While CSR might seem a little random, in reality all the action we take has a common shared purpose: to create long-term positive change for our well-being and the planet.

Let me tell you a little more about our approach.

Our 5 commitments

At Idex, we are currently working on a tangible action plan underpinned by five core commitments.

We aim to lead by example, calling on all members of staff to do so: we believe that everyone has a role to play.


Commitment n°1

Protecting the planet and striving for carbon neutrality

Commitment n°2

Taking action in our clients’ interests

Commitment n°3

Implementing responsible working conditions and relations

Commitment n°4

Applying ethical practices in business

Commitment n°5

Respecting basic human rights

Our 4 priority goals

These five commitments are put into practice through priority goals that translate into simple, visible, and forward-thinking action.

  • Furthering and improving our CSR performance via continuous improvement and aiming to boost our Ecovadis CSR score
  • Safeguarding the planet by embracing a low-carbon strategy
  • Looking after our employees by bringing the ideas suggested at the Idex CSR Trophies to life and making them happen
  • Innovating by using the very best available technology in our installations to generate cleaner heat

Idex’s CSR Trophies

Bringing us together and equipping us to speed up change In 2019, Idex launched its CSR Trophies programme

The CSR Trophies scheme is a competition open to all Idex Group employees, which aims to reward the very best CSR initiatives and/or projects.

Participants are required to fill in an application form outlining their project. A first panel then meets to draw up the short list. Following this, a second panel then goes on to appoint the three winners.

The prizes offered up by the scheme feed into the approach already in place internally.

The winners are given the opportunity to award a cheque worth €10,000 to a CSR-driven charity or NGO, or to take ten community days out to work for the charity or NGO of their choosing.

Key figures for the first edition:

58 applications submitted

24 projects concerning the environment, one of the scheme’s key themes

3  sub-themes emerged:

Protecting biodiversity


Waste recycling and recovery