Idex: committed to fostering equal opportunity, diversity and career development

Every individual enjoys certain inalienable rights that serve to protect their dignity and freedoms.

We take care to ensure our employees generally, and our management team in particular, respect these rights. We see diversity as a boon and a driver for collective growth. We are committed to seeing all differences respected, and the same opportunities granted to all.

At Idex, our staff say it best!

In light of the rapid changes afoot within Idex’s core areas of expertise, it’s crucial that we as a company work to broaden our employees’ skill-sets.

Camille and Sébastien discuss their visions, their everyday realities and the values they share with Idex.

Hear directly from our staff members themselves

67% of all members of staff feel extremely positive about their working environment and the company’s values

Idex: committed to equality between men and women

The group upholds gender equality through its company-wide agreement. In practical terms, this means equal opportunities with respect to access to training, recruitment application processing, promotions and career development, and equal pay.

For the past two years as part of its annual salary review process, Idex Énergies, the group’s main subsidiary, has allocated 1% of the payroll budget for female staff (€1.7m) to increasing individual staff members’ salaries in order to narrow the pay gap between male and female staff (12%.

Idex’s track record:

64% felt happy with their workload in 2017

3,67% day release staff on FTE contracts (IDEX Energies)

5,36%  of senior management staff are female (IDEX Energies)

12% of employees aged over 55

12% average salary gap between men and women (IDEX Energies)

4,16% of staff have a disability (IDEX Group)