IDEX from 1963 to the present day: innovating together to shape the world of tomorrow

A family-run company built on a human scale

Founded in 1963, Idex has become a leading name in the renewable energy industry. Over the years, our group has succeeded in anticipating and taking action in response to climate change. Idex is France’s leading medium-sized energy services company. We are now experts in all energy solutions, embodying a solid alternative to operators that work with major fossil fuel energy (gas and electricity) producers.

Idex: Leading the way in energy transition

Our aim is to optimize, innovate and revolutionize our sector in order to support you in your different activities. Our technical expertise is plowed into ensuring high technical, energy, cost-saving and environmental performance in buildings. Years before other companies, we had noted a worrying trend in excess energy consumption in different types of buildings, and realized how urgent it was to make changes to our sources of energy supply. Consequently, we then began taking a closer look at renewable energy. Idex now boasts inside-out knowledge of all renewable energies: Wood fuel/biomass, near-surface and deep geothermal energy, anaerobic digestion, wind power, solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal energy, cogeneration, and more.

The IDEX method draws on an integrated approach to energy infrastructure with guaranteed results, the aims of which are:

  • Managing local energies in an efficient manner
  • Widening our offer to encompass technical management for buildings and specific facilities and structures in the public sphere
  • Maximizing business synergy, • Ensuring all structures operate in smart mode
  • Optimizing performance to align with climate and budgetary concerns
  •  Creating a virtuous circle in which operating costs decrease as a result of energy savings
  • Assessing contractual performances and securing them in the long term.
Our overall performance is driven by the following three priorities: Ensuring well-being, operating within a carbon-neutral ecosystem, helping to improve quality of life.
Benjamin Fremaux
CEO of IDEX Group

Idex: Passion is the best energy we have

Successful completion of our projects is down to the hard work and unwavering commitment of all our members of staff and their shared values: building sustainable cities. The group’s success is a joint effort in which each and every one of us plays our part depending on individual areas of expertise.



1963 L’Industrielle de Chauffage is founded

Georges Planchot sets up Idex, known at the time as “L’Industrielle de Chauffage”.

1970 The company’s name is changed

L’Industrielle de Chauffage is rechristened Idex.

1980 Geothermal energy

Idex secures its first Facility Management contract in prisons.

The first deep geothermal energy plant is set up to power the heating network for the town of Mée-sur-Seine.

1990 Renewable energy

First waste recovery unit in Sarcelles.

First household waste anaerobic digestion plant in Amiens.

France’s first wind farm in Port-la-Nouvelle, with the Compagnie du Vent.

1992 Alain Planchot

Alain Planchot, Georges Planchot’s son, takes over at the company’s helm.

2000 Biomass

The first biomass boilers are developed.

Must is set up to provide multi-service maintenance for buildings.

2001 La Défense

Enertherm, an Idex group subsidiary, becomes the concession holder for the heating and chilled water network in Paris-La Défense, Europe’s largest business district.

2006 The Seguin Rives de Seine eco-district

The town of Boulogne-Billancourt selects Idex to run and maintain the heating and cooling network for France’s largest certified eco-district, Seguin Rives de Seine.

2011 Geotexia

The Geotexia agricultural waste anaerobic digestion unit is put into service.

2018 The Antin Infrastructure group

Antin Infrastructure acquires Idex.

Idex acquires Taranis Energy, which is renamed Idex Industries.

2019 Idex around the world

Idex begins making its first forays into the world beyond France’s borders with the acquisition of Go4Green (Belgium) and DanPower Baltic, which became Idex Baltic (Lithuania).

The Nice Côte d’Azur greater area chooses Idex to develop and run its forthcoming renewable heating and cooling network in the Nice Méridia eco-district, designed to store heat, cold, and electricity.

2020 Sylviana is acquired

Idex acquires Sylviana, the electricity production biomass plant in Brignoles in the Var region.

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