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Idex: leading the way in energy transition

Overview of the group

We are firmly rooted across France’s regions, we fully master tried-and-tested methods, and we draw on cutting-edge technology. We offer a range of turnkey solutions, making our company a leading energy partner you can trust.

A responsible CSR-led brand

Alongside independence, respect and team spirit, responsibility is one of IDEX’s four core values, which is why we take corporate social responsibility seriously.


Composed of 9 members, the Executive Committee approves the Group's strategic orientations and oversees their implementation and monitoring.

The IDEX Group is now France’s leading medium-sized company specializing in the energy transition sector. Our company works on the ground across France’s regions to help build sustainable towns and cities.
Benjamin Fremaux
CEO of Idex


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Industrial utilities

Supporting buildings in achieving higher energy performance

Improving your energy performance is one of our core priorities. Idex offers integrated multi-technical, multi-department, and multi-site services for a solution to fit with all your needs.

Idex’s experts ensure the very best energy performance for your real estate portfolio via responsible, tailored solutions.


Steam is used in a number of industrial processes to heat, clean, and sterilize products, as well as to generate energy. Idex assists you in installing, managing, and caring for your steam production unit.

We handle technical management for your installation to keep it available and effective.

We also conduct all necessary checks and surveillance to ensure your employees stay safe.

Electricity production

Idex provides day-to-day assistance in installing, running, and maintaining your electricity-producing facilities. We conduct audits, configurations, checks, and surveillance for these kinds of infrastructure, and provide comprehensive management.

We also incorporate primary energy procurement to ensure you save money on your electricity production bills.


Cogeneration is a technique in which two different forms of energy are produced simultaneously within a single production unit. The heat generated to produce electricity is used to heat buildings.

As with other industrial utilities, Idex takes care of installing, running, and maintaining your cogeneration units.

We conduct upkeep and maintenance operations for your units, with integrated procurement of the primary energy needed to fuel them.

Compressed air/vacuum

Idex helps you install, manage, and maintain your compressed air tools (such as compressors), your compressed air-producing installations, as well as your cleanroom environmental monitoring facilities.

We conduct all maintenance, upkeep, checks, and surveillance for this infrastructure to ensure full availability on a daily basis.

Installation works

Managing industrial utilities across your production lines is a key factor in remaining competitive in your industry. Idex is a recognized expert in running and maintaining new, dedicated facilities for producing these industrial utilities in order to bolster your company’s performance.

We support you in setting up infrastructure tailored to your business’s needs.

Providing you with comfort and quality in the workplace

Safety = guaranteeing performance

Not only is safety crucial to ensuring teams stay enthusiastic and engaged: it impacts directly on how businesses perform, too. Creating a workplace that nurtures employees’ health and well-being generates value for employees and companies alike.

Thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is key to ensuring a building’s occupants feel good and stay safe. The Idex teams offer custom-made solutions to ensure users feel comfortable throughout the year, and to lower your buildings’ and regions’ carbon footprint and energy bills.

Custom-made services tailored to clients’ needs

Idex’s multi-technical and facility management services make companies’ lives easier day after day. Our teams contribute to fostering high-quality workspaces for your occupants, all while complying with health, safety, and environmental standards.

Adaptability and upgradeability: from energy supply to service integration

Idex is committed to working hand-in-hand with you to optimize your energy consumption and lessen your environmental impact. Our teams can also assist in optimizing your industrial and real-estate performance.

Idex: energy recovery from waste and SRFs


For over 40 years now, Idex has been honing its expertise and rolling it out at its clients’ sites. Idex runs and maintains waste recovery installations. The work we do spans all aspects of waste recovery and biomass (composting, methanization, incineration and cogeneration), as well as producing Solid Recovered Fuels (SRFs).

What is waste recovery?

Waste recovery refers to all processes by which waste matter is converted into another material product or energy. These processes include composting and methanation, used to recycle green and organic waste, as well as incineration and cogeneration, used to recover the energy generated by processing the aforementioned waste.

Solid Recovered Fuels

In France, waste is sorted to recycle raw materials, notably paper, cardboard, glass and some plastics. The remaining unrecyclable waste is then transported to incineration or landfill sites. To avoid the latter, which results in more pollution, some of the unrecyclable combustible waste is shredded and turned into pellets or briquettes: Solid Recovered Fuels, otherwise knows as SRFs.
These SRFs are then used in incineration plants, particularly cogeneration plants, as well as urban or industrial combustion plants. This technique means waste that would previously have been left unrecycled can now be reused.

Waste recovery by Idex

Local authorities and manufacturers can delegate their biomass production to Idex in order to meet their targets in terms of caring for the planet, achieving energy efficiency, cutting costs, boosting productivity, improving safety and security, and reducing disturbance.

Idex benefits its clients and offers a turnkey service by drawing on its close ties with the group’s other areas of expertise, such as heating network management and energy efficiency services.

Idex invests in partnerships with its clients and commits to achieving tangible results.

Idex has developed in-depth expertise in running and overseeing waste-recovered energy centers in line with developing urban heating networks since the 1980s with its Energy Recovery Plant in Sarcelles. 

Idex’s technical expertise

Drawing on 40 years of experience in energy recovery from waste, Idex puts its comprehensive, reliable and lasting expertise to work in offering clients:

  • Expertise in the various technologies available for ovens, boilers, smoke treatment, effluent treatment, plant revamping and process optimization
  • Expertise in producing SRFs by recovering waste not recycled in traditional recycling centers
  • Energy efficiency: optimizing oven and boiler performance, renovating and developing heating networks, setting up ORCs, and improving air-cooled condenser and turbine performance are all services that Idex offers.

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Guaranteed results

Idex’s expertise in waste recovery ensures solid, ultra-fast results for industrial and local authority clients:

  • Installation availability and capacity
  • Converting and selling the energy produced,
  • Consumable management and re-use of by-products
  • Emission monitoring
  • Certification.

Idex is an excellent partner for processing waste generated by users in your region or industry.


Harnessing all local energy and reducing your carbon footprint

Energy, heating, and cooling networks

Designing, producing, and running heating and cooling networks have formed the bedrock of what Idex does best for over 50 years now. To date, we oversee 42 heating networks across France, which work to optimize energy consumption in a given district or city, and make efficient use of local recovered and renewable energies. In addition, thanks to our digital solutions that operate in a similar fashion to smartgrids for electricity networks, we control and manage all types of cooling and heating networks remotely, all with total precision and responsiveness.


Biomass is a source of renewable energy produced by organic waste, and is available across France. Green waste, industrial wood residue, and waste from the agri-food industry are all resources for generating biomass, and can be recycled to produce heat and electricity. Idex has been specializing in recovering and managing biomass for the past 40 years, allowing its industry clients and local authorities to tap into this green and inexpensive source of energy.


Biogas is a renewable gas produced via methanization of organic matter (biomass), such as agricultural crop residue, and some types of industrial waste from the agri-food and livestock industries. These resources abound across France, and can be used to generate heat and electricity once they’ve been processed. Idex has been drawing on its unique partnerships with industrial companies and local authorities to produce biogas for over 40 years now.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy involves extracting hot water under the surface of the Earth to produce heat, cold, and electricity. To do so, drilling takes place deep underground to source groundwater. This water is then pumped up to the surface, where a heat exchanger recovers the heat energy. Geothermal energy is available in inexhaustive supply, and is considered a renewable energy source. Idex works with you to design, develop, and run your geothermal energy system.

Energy recovery from waste

For over 40 years now, Idex has been running a technical hub home to over 250 employees working at our clients’ sites to run and maintain their waste recovery installations. Idex’s expertise spans all aspects of waste recovery and biomass, including composting, methanization, incineration, and cogeneration, as well as producing Solid Recovered Fuels (SRFs).

Heat recovery

Heat recovery results in cleaner energy at lesser cost for manufacturers and local authorities. As its name suggests, this process involves recovering heat energy generated by another activity (such as waste incineration and data centers) that would otherwise go unused. This “by-product heat” can be used to heat housing or produce electricity.

Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal energy is a renewable energy source that involves producing heat or hot water via sensors or solar concentrators. This type of energy is especially used for heating networks, whether for industry or collective housing. Idex helps you install, manage, and maintain your solar thermal installations to save money on your energy bills and rein in your CO2 emissions.

Reducing/saving energy and resources

Establishing an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for your building

Energy performance contracts span the entire energy chain: audits, energy type selection, production and distribution system optimization, building insulation, operation, energy supplies, energy efficiency certification (Certificats d’Économie d’Énergie, CEE), and more. EPCs come with a number of financial, technical, and management-related benefits for public- and private-sector project developers.

Energy policies and management

Energy management is the highest level of analysis for building performance. It relies on specific expertise, and over and above human resources and targeted skill-sets, it also requires the right management tools, measurement means, and tailored reporting. >Find out more

Maximizing energy efficiency certification

Idex helps industry and local authority clients to monetize energy performance investment by maximizing their energy efficiency certification.

Your sectors


As a partner to both social and private landlords for 50 years now, Idex offers a solution to real estate stakeholders’ current economic challenges and expectations, supporting them in their efforts to cut costs by upgrading their housing. Idex offers solutions for controlling and optimizing energy management by renovating building, distribution, and production facilities, by replacing traditional energy sources with renewable energy, and by assisting in changing users’ behaviors.

Local authorities

Idex boasts in-depth know-how when it comes to managing municipal buildings. We can also be mandated by public authorities to design, develop, and run urban heating and cooling networks, as well as waste recovery. Idex aims to bolster energy and environmental efficiency in the buildings it is entrusted with, all while prioritizing the greenest renewable energy solutions.

Tertiary sector

Effective resource management is crucial for tertiary sector professionals like you. We support you in your continuous efforts to optimize your buildings’ energy performance with a view to protecting the environment and making financial savings.


French industry has a key role to play in energy transition, and Idex’s teams are on hand to support you in yours. Whatever your industrial sector, industrial utilities such as steam, cooling systems, chilled water, compressed air, vacuum, superheated water, and gas are all crucial to your everyday business activities. These energies are a significant expense. This means your industrial utilities should be optimized with a view to reducing your energy consumption levels and generating savings.


Thanks to its experience and recognized expertise, Idex supports the health sector’s various stakeholders in tackling current economic challenges and fulfilling their expectations in terms of sustainable social and environmental issues. Idex offers tailored, high-performing contractual services incorporated into an overarching, optimized management policy, by recommending setting up energy performance contracts (EPC) and including a proportion of renewable energy, as well as turnkey Facilities Management multi-technical project management.

1 December 2020

Idex unveils its new brand identity